Tools and

EDS: Elemental
Driving Simulator


Rosamond Gianutsos, Ph.D, Director.

CDRS: Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist

FAAO: Fellow American Academy of Optometry

Psychologist: NYS Lic. 004693

Current faculty appointments:

  • SUNY State College of Optometry (University Optometric Center), Head Trauma Vision Rehabilitation Unit

Dr. Gianutsos personally conducts all evaluations. Her doctoral training was in scientific cognitive psychology, which she taught for over 12 years at Adelphi University. In 1978, before Cognitive Rehabilitation was generally recognized, she began applying the experience to the brain-injured and founded the Cognitive Rehabilitation unit at Bellevue Hospital/New York University Medical Center.

When the NY State Legislature mandated a Medical Advisory Board for the Department of Motor Vehicles in 1988, Dr. Gianutsos was a member. On that policy review panel she chaired the Subcommittee for the Elderly and Disabled Driver. She was also an active contributor to a committee of the NYS V.E.S.I.D. concerned with driver evaluation and rehabilitation. She is the first person in the metropolitan NY area to be a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist.

As the author of over 50 research and clinical articles, Dr. Gianutsos is on the editorial board of several professional journals. She is creator of the Elemental Driving Simulator and the series, Computer Programs for Cognitive Rehabilitation. For many years she served as consultant to several brain injury rehabilitation facilities.