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Located in Queens, New York City. Contact Dr. Gianutsos by e-mail at cogrehab@pipeline.com or call 718 457-7483 ("HLP SITE") in the early morning (7:30 AM Eastern US time). If you leave a message, indicate where you may be reached in the evening. If your call is not returned in 24 hours, please call again.

Driver Rehabilitation Services (DRS) is dedicated to helping drivers who have to overcome cognitive disabilities following brain injury or other changes. Cognition includes perception, attention, concentration, memory, and other forms of thinking. The driving advisement process includes assessment with the Elemental Driving Simulator, together with a careful analysis of your driving history, needs and expectations. As part of the consultation you and another person of your choosing (usually a family member) will have ample opportunity to discuss your driving and questions with the doctor. You will receive a written report summarizing the findings and recommendations. This report is for your personal use and it will not be sent to anyone else unless you specifically request us to do so.

If your simulator performance is within the normal range, you will be referred for an on-road driving evaluation and lessons with an appropriate specialist. Following a favorable report on the road test, Dr. Gianutsos will honor your request to write a letter on your behalf to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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