Tools for Cognitive Rehabilitation
A Selection By Rosamond Gianutsos - Not Intended To Be Comprehensive
Read & Write
Features: Echo typing, Enhanced Spelling Checker, Word Expansion
Comments: Installs in background, along with other Windows programs, including word processor. MANY features & real value for the $$
Maker: textHELP!

WYNN Reader
Features: Text-to-speech reader with visual enhancement, built-in dictionary
Comments: Read your own files and the Internet by arrow/click. Versions 2 and 3 allow you to write with auditory echo. Visual enhancement is phenomenal. Lots of $$$$$, and well worth it. WYNN=What you need now!
Maker: Freedom Scientific

Features: Word expansion with point and hear
Comments: Installs in background, along with other programs, including word processor. Can locate it where you want it. $
Maker: Applied Human Factors, Inc.

EZ Desk
Features: Maintain desktop configuration
Comments: People with memory problems find it helpful to have a consistent desktop,with icons organized in particular locations. Right click on the desktop and DISABLE "Autoarrange." EZ Desk takes you one step further. It allows you to save desktop layouts and to restore them if they have become disarrayed. Place the EZ Desk shortcut on the task bar from which it can be activated to save or restore desktop.
Maker: Melissa Nguyen

Image Carousel
Features: Customize wallpaper and screensaver
Comments: Easy to set up personalized photo series. In addition to being pleasing, this can be used to reinforce memory of important people and events for people with amnesia.
Maker: Rhode Island SoftSystems

Zoom Text Xtra 7.0
Features: GUI Based Screen Reader, Auditory Echo of typing, and, of course, magnification
Comments: $$$ Excellent voice quality; usablity. Unlike many screen readers (like Jaws) which require remembering special keyboard commands, this one can be set up to read lines by cursor or mouse control - a big advantage for persons with cognitive disabilities, as well as vision impairment.
Maker: AI-Squared

Project Gutenberg
Features: Copy and save text files for reading exercises, e.g., with WYNN Reader
Comments: Totally free. Read or print digitally republished literature and reference material from what claims to be the largest searchable text archive available. Use this to create materials for many of the other programs in this list.
Maker: non profit

WordQ Writing Aid Software
Features: Used along with standard word processing / writing software, echoes, predicts and reads.
Comments: Under $150, this is a remarkable bargain. It offers text-to-speech, keyboard echo, and word prediction in a simple to use format. It works with other software, including word processing, e-mail and writing exercises.
Maker: Quillsoft / Bloorview McMillan Children's Centre




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